Total weight loss in a year … also about the previous post.

Firstly, can I just start by saying that the previous post was written in general terms rather than from a personal perspective. I was using my platform to highlight what has happened out there. I didn’t have anything on next Monday when they decided it was going to be a bank holiday due to the queen’s funeral. I would appreciate it if I can state my opinion without being called miserably and subsequently getting told to shut myself away for the day. I guess that when something like the Queen passing away occurs it shows the true colours of everyone. I would never accuse someone of being miserable and tell them to basically get lost for the day. The blog is branching out to being more than just a diary type thing. There are some topics that will be current but separate from every day life having autism and suspected BPD.

I’ve been trying to lose the excess few stone I gained for a year now. I joined the Gym last August and went for the first time last September. I was 84kg when I started. I am now 76.2 kg. That means I have lost a total of approximately 17 lbs. I still have a few more stone to lose but it took me three years to gain the extra three stone so it’s going to take a while to come back down. I have been injured recently so not been gym much but in a few months I should be able to go back there more regularly. I don’t know if this is a symptom of trying to lose weight but recently my IBS has got quite bad. I’m not eating anything that I don’t normally eat. I have always eaten the same. I get a really bad stomach sometimes and cramps last for hours. Then I go toilet and I’m fine. I am stupidly clumsy too which is autism related because that isn’t new. I found another bruise on my leg. I have absolutely no idea where I got it from. I have been known to just walk into things.

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