Today has been slow.

I got up extremely late because I was tired and had insomnia again which stopped me sleeping until 7 am. I had lost more weight when I got on the scale earlier. 75.8kg (it keeps going down which is a good sign). I went out this evening. I turned off all the plugs apart from the fridge to save on electric. I just have to remember that I did it because if I don’t then I will wonder why nothing works when I get home. I haven’t used the gas to heat up my home since at least June. I’m going to have to start using that soon which is going to cost me a small fortune now that prices have gone up. I’ve still had to top up my gas because of heating up water from boiler and cooking on gas cooker. The electric has started going down quicker in more recent weeks which is why I’m now turning stuff off when I go out.

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