I don’t want to upset anyone but not everyone wants to mourn the Queen’s death.

I wrote to the Queen during her jubilee and mentioned the blog so I’m going to have to be careful how I saw this without disrespecting anyone. She probably (or her people) never looked at the link but I’m staying respectful just in case. I don’t agree with all the stuff that has been cancelled due to her death and funeral. The appointments that were on the date before it was made a bank holiday were quite important in some cases. The sad songs on the radio (they aren’t allowed to play upbeat songs for the whole week of mourning) don’t help when you’re prone to depression. I have felt tears welling up in my eyes while driving several times the last couple of days. That was nothing to do with grief for this event. It was just triggering due to so many sad songs being played together. I’m going for a walk later. Apparently, the plane carrying the Queen is coming over Coventry / Leicester at about half 6 so I may see it (but I wouldn’t know because it’s so far up in the sky) due to living around that locality. I definitely won’t be walking as far this evening as yesterday because that’s impossible two days in a row. It’s helping with my weight loss journey. I was 76.2 kg when I woke up today. That is just under 12 stone now (167 lbs). Anyway, back to my point. I don’t think we should have to mourn the death of the Queen if we don’t feel that is the right option for us. I don’t think even the Queen herself would want important things for others to be cancelled due to her death. People should be allowed to mourn as they wish or not wish in many cases. There has been the whole issue of colonialism being brought up as a reason why some people don’t want to mourn her death. I’m not black so I simply cannot go into details there in case I accidentally offend. I just think that if someone doesn’t want to participate in this national mourning then they shouldn’t be forced. It is sad when anyone dies, she was elderly and was part of a family where she literally had not only grandchildren but also great-grandchildren. Our thoughts should be with them at the very least.

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