Sometimes I can feel the old me before trauma coming back.

I’m still depressed most of the time but I’m starting to get glimpses of my old self coming back occasionally. I have times when I’m not tired and actually have some energy. I experienced that earlier. Unfortunately, I’m now exhausted again. I really don’t understand that because when I did get to sleep last night, I nearly slept a full 8 hours. I still don’t really want to go out to do social stuff because I’m not ready to do people again yet. It’s always small steps that add up to larger ones though. It isn’t an over night thing. I may never fully recover from what I’ve been through but obviously the former me before trauma is starting to come back. I still spend most of my time feeling down or unsettled but I’ve never had periods of feeling like myself before my son’s adoption and everything else (read about Em page).

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