No sleep again :(

I have not slept the entire night. I hope that I can get at least a few hours. I set my alarm for the afternoon. I have really uncomfortable monthly pain that I hope goes away but I better not fall asleep too deeply in case I wake up in a mess. It’s still on one of its heavier days. I need the sleep but not the mess. I thought that walking would improve things but it hasn’t. I don’t want to be awake any longer because once I’m asleep I won’t feel my insides constantly feeling like they’re stretching and cramping. I need a break from that. I don’t get actual pain much. It’s normally just the other part but for some reason this month the cramps have really set in. I got a sharp pain in my lower back which really hurt earlier. I will be fine once it gets everything out. It’s just getting to that point. If I get a few hours sleep I will be so grateful. I’m tired after walking miles yesterday.

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