Day: September 10, 2022

  • It’s been a long emotional few days.

    I’m extremely tired because I haven’t been feeling well and also pick things up which isn’t a great skill to possess at this time. I think that I might be anemic again because I feel extremely weak since the heavy part of monthly happened. I feel completely drained. The radio was playing sad songs after […]

  • I’m out so it’s just a quick one.

    I decided to pop out to do my weekly shop this evening when it was quieter. I swear that the universe is trying to rub it in. The queen’s funeral is now on A’s birthday. I can’t avoid a date associated with her because the whole television will be taken over by the funeral coverage. […]

  • I don’t deserve to be happy.

    I have made my decision. I obviously don’t deserve to be happy. I haven’t even eaten today because I just don’t deserve to do so. If no one has ever told me I didn’t deserve the labels and things that happened. I need to hear that from people who have been involved. I will constantly […]

  • I have so much to do but struggling.

    I managed to get some sleep. I’m sat with my cat feeling absolutely horrendous. Physically my monthly is really draining me. I have things to do which involves going out of my home. I don’t mentally want to go out today but I have no choice. I’m going to have to extract mister from my […]

  • No sleep again :(

    I have not slept the entire night. I hope that I can get at least a few hours. I set my alarm for the afternoon. I have really uncomfortable monthly pain that I hope goes away but I better not fall asleep too deeply in case I wake up in a mess. It’s still on […]