I can’t sleep. None of this is cool.

I haven’t been able to sleep the entire night. Then a video on TikTok literally eat me in tears. I retweeted it. There was a poem about how Prince Philip had come to collect the queen etc. This left me in a complete blubbering mess. I am hormonal because my monthly is on anyway. The fact that I’m uncomfortable is keeping me awake too. When something on a large scale happens, it is hell for those of us that who do have psychic abilities. We feel the sadness that many people will be feeling tonight. I’m not a hug kind of person (I wasn’t bought up with physical affection). I feel like a hug tonight. I get so many people say that it must be cool to have psychic abilities… it definitely isn’t. I was always open about what I could do. That got me sectioned at an early age because everyone assumed I was crazy as well as weird. I can’t be with anyone because everyone I seem to like can feel what I am and they see me as weird. It gets me accused of stuff that was never my intentions. These abilities have caused me nothing but pain. I will always have things hanging in my aura that others find scary. This means most of my life is spent alone. It doesn’t make you cool… merely an outcast. If you meet people that you like they will feel your energy and cut it off straight away because others don’t carry those energies around which has to be with me to have said abilities. Cool is far from the way I would describe the way in which it makes me have to live.

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