It has been a weird day.

I’m sat here trying to process today. I have no feeling one way or the other toward the monarchy in general but it just seems really odd knowing that the queen is no longer alive. She’s been there for our entire lives(those of us under 70 have always known her in that position) due to the longevity of her reign. It was difficult to imagine her no longer being around. I didn’t think that I would feel upset. I literally pick up stuff all the time being naturally intuitive. Some of those things are upsetting so I learnt to numb myself. That is why sometimes I come across insensitive. It’s how I have to be to avoid being affected by things I may pick up. It’s going to feel weird without her being queen. In the earlier entry, I may have come across rather abrupt and uncaring. I was fed up and had to get out for a while. The repetition of the television coverage was starting to grind me. I have no problem with the death announcement but the endless coverage before it on all channels was a little much. I’m sorry if anyone thought I was being rude or cruel. I’m really tired at the moment and my brain is definitely not stringing sentences together properly. On the plus side, I managed to get just over 5 hours sleep last night / this morning until lunch time which is good because I was only getting just over 4 hours previously.

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