I’m off out… television has been taken over. (Entry updated as news progressed)

After my long walk yesterday, today was meant to be my rest day. I had my knee kick off about my walk yesterday, I’m tired. I have signs of anemia again which I always have so I know when that comes back. I’m just about on monthly so feel like my insides are being stretched. That isn’t going to help with iron levels. Anyway, it was my test day, until the whole television has now tuned into the queen’s situation. It was on every single side before I did some housework and got ready to come out for a walk. I had to wait until later on in the day because we have had rain and thunder on / off for the majority of the day (well, since I have been awake this afternoon). I don’t want to sound insensitive but there is such a saying as a watched pot doesn’t boil. Members of the media may have wanted to hang around waiting for further news but unless you have updates or something finally happened then they could have just put our normal programmes back on. We all feel for the queen and her family at this time but we really don’t need constant coverage from outside balmoral, Windsor castle and Buckingham Palace until her final demise. This is part of history but the next week from her death is going to be full of coverage on television commemorating her etc. I started this blog entry before her actual death was announced. It just popped up on my phone which meant I had to change the tone of what I was writing to be past tense rather than present. She was actually never meant to be queen. It was only through her uncle running off with an American woman that made this her fate. She took the role and carried it out until the age of 95. That was a long time due to her father dying early. She is with her husband now who she has probably missed a lot during the last year since he passed.

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