Tired but I probably won’t sleep because something always disturbs it.

I am going to attempt to sleep at a reasonable time but it probably won’t happen. I sometimes only sleep for an hour then wake up again. I don’t know what wakes me up all the time. Either a cat makes a noise or I have a dream that scares me awake. Then I can’t get to sleep because I really want me and the other person to fix what happened at university (get rid of restraining order) and talk about the past so my head can finally get peace. I still feel connected to the other person but after what happened how can that be possible? I have no feelings there either way for them now. I just hate it being this way permanently. It bugs me. If it keeps me awake after all this time it must bug me a lot. It doesn’t seem like the other person is going to ever talk to me again even if by some miracle it’s in their head at the moment too. I may be in their head but I doubt it will ever be in a positive way.

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