Lack of sleep makes you do crazy stuff.

I went for a walk after my hair appointment. I have calmed down since catching those noises on the footage I took near the crematory the other day. I decided to go back via there but go into the other side of the graveyard next to the walkway. I thought that I may be able to help if whatever made the noises needed help moving on if they were stuck or something. I took footage again of the part I thought it came from while I was there. I could only film the side because the corner was full of graves of young children which I won’t film out of respect for parents who may have children buried there from more recent times. I nearly cried because I saw lots of toddlers playing around the graves there in my head (age range in that part was about 2 hours old to 2 years old)I had a weird thought in my head the other night I came back from the walk across there. I was like I don’t want to leave the children there who are all alone. I have no idea where that came from. I knew that things were going to start waking up after I came off antidepressants but some of these things have really surprised me. Obviously, I would never go back to a graveyard in the dark. If it was from the children part, then that explains the noises that got picked up on camera behind me. Anyway, it’s done now so hopefully now that I have basically told them it is ok to go anything stuck and not happy will have moved on now.

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