It became apparent that my early night wasn’t meant to be.

I literally only slept for one hour because mister decided he wanted to come back in so he woke me up by jumping at the window. I also couldn’t go straight to sleep because a spider crawled into my pillow case and disappeared. I shook it out but couldn’t settle for a while. Then, before I actually got to sleep, the cat that keeps coming in decided it was a good time to drop in. He sniffed about, jumped on my bed for a sniff and then had a quick cat spat with mister before strolling back out the window. I was not impressed. The one night I was trying to get an early night but all the animals in this place seemed to have other ideas. I woke up with my knee and finger feeling stiff and swollen again. I now can’t get back to sleep which is really annoying because I’m really tired. I got too hot so that hasn’t helped my leg and finger injury. I feel bloated to the point I would pop myself to feel better. I’m two days from my period coming on and can feel the level of my hormones are stupidly high. You can get insomnia leading up to that point but I have it normally so it makes no difference to me where I am in my cycle. I am a complete cow in the two weeks leading up to it. I always have been. I just get wound up sometimes for no reason just because I’m like a spring inside coiled up ready to ping. I wouldn’t try to book an argument with me but if you want one approach me during that time. I’m ok to approach during and for about two weeks after. I technically have only two and a bit weeks a month where I can be rational when annoyed. The rest of the time it’s pot luck depending on hormone levels.

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