Day: September 7, 2022

  • Tired but I probably won’t sleep because something always disturbs it.

    I am going to attempt to sleep at a reasonable time but it probably won’t happen. I sometimes only sleep for an hour then wake up again. I don’t know what wakes me up all the time. Either a cat makes a noise or I have a dream that scares me awake. Then I can’t […]

  • Lack of sleep makes you do crazy stuff.

    I went for a walk after my hair appointment. I have calmed down since catching those noises on the footage I took near the crematory the other day. I decided to go back via there but go into the other side of the graveyard next to the walkway. I thought that I may be able […]

  • It became apparent that my early night wasn’t meant to be.

    I literally only slept for one hour because mister decided he wanted to come back in so he woke me up by jumping at the window. I also couldn’t go straight to sleep because a spider crawled into my pillow case and disappeared. I shook it out but couldn’t settle for a while. Then, before […]