Today has been a struggle.

I was going to do much more than I ended up doing today. I am just too tired. I got up to try reset my sleep pattern. I did bits but couldn’t function normally. I was planning to visit where my Dad was cremated and scattered in Coventry. However, I never have got over there since he passed away. It is just too far to go. I drive but I’m not good at travelling far since I moved back down here from down south. The trauma I went through has left me not wanting to even go local. I haven’t been anywhere but moved my car today and had a brief conversation that I happened to bump into. I feel like I have let dad down by not visiting since he has been gone. I don’t think I’m confident enough to go over there. He was laid to rest over there because that he is where he grew up and his family are there. I saw the new prime minister news special on the television. As a disabled person I’m expecting my income to be at risk again because of cuts etc. Lots of people are calling her various unpleasant things. I admit that there does seem to be something dodgy about her. There has to be something dodgy about anyone who goes into politics. The whole industry is about arguing and conflict with each other. It is far from diplomatic anymore, it’s become all about power and the richer classes. I’m too tired to even think today so logging off now.

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