Pure white birds.

I have never seen pure white birds before. I have seen them twice in the last week. Last week I saw two doves drinking out of a puddle by the road while I was driving. Today I saw one dove looking pure white bird by the car park where I parked my car to go to my podiatrist appointment. I was told to take a note of what I was thinking about when I saw the birds by other spiritual people. That is normally what these signs are about. The other day I was thinking about the university situation and the other person involved in restraining order case when I saw the two birds. Today I was thinking about what if the other person died and we never got the chance to make peace with the past events from the university stuff. Then I saw the one. It makes no sense but I have heard things (you know how people talk about others) which could make this a distinct possibility in that situation. I don’t want it to happen but life just has a way of doing exactly what it wants to do. That isn’t the outcome that I would want. I hate things being left unsaid. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something. White doves represent peace etc. I don’t recall that they mean anything bad. I’m not religious so I’m the last person who would expect to see doves as signs. I always used to see black birds and ravens when the situation started and throughout various parts. I’ve never seen pure white birds apart from seagulls (which let’s face it are completely common and have grey on them compared to doves). I couldn’t sort the situation out if I wanted to because I’m not allowed due to legalities.

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