The strange stuff that has happened today.

I have just got back so not had time to blog about that yet. It happened before I got up then I had to go out. I’m hoping that my cat, Mimi, comes in soon because it’s raining quite badly on and off with rumbling thunder in the distance. She normally comes in when I get home. She’s probably hiding somewhere away from the rain. She’s disappeared before in bad weather then turned up after it stopped completely dry. Anyway, back to strange things happening. This kind of thing has never happened to me previously. I have had dreams many times but never been half awake when something weird has happened. I fell asleep until quite late in the afternoon due to not sleeping at night properly. I woke up to house phone ringing because my phone was set on vibrate which I wasn’t answering. This is really hard to explain but I’m going to try to do so here. The phone stopped ringing and I was half asleep not quite properly awake. I then heard a disconnect hang up sign and then what I think was my dads voice but I don’t remember it well due to him passing away when I was in my early 20s. It stopped as soon as I properly woke up because I disconnected from the level of consciousness required to dream or hear things on a soul level. It was just really bizarre and new to me. I can’t even remember what they said because it was literally a few seconds of like a phone call but it wasn’t an actual phone call. I had my mobile no where near me so it definitely wasn’t the waves coming from that affecting my brain. I am so worried about my cat right now as the rain has just come down extremely hard and there’s a bit of thunder. She has the window open for her but she just isn’t coming in. Both myself and mister don’t like thunder noise either so we don’t like it with window open.

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