Day: September 5, 2022

  • Lazy reminder: get a job.

    Right, I managed to get to my foot appointment today. That’s sorted for another however long it takes for things to grow again. She packed the edges so that the corners no longer dig in. I’m used to these comments so I don’t take things to heart because to someone who works and has a […]

  • I’m not awake enough to deal with anything yet.

    I had a reply back from the social worker this morning. Apparently, I probably have to approach the local NHS mental health centre. She’s from the review team but only a psychiatrist can actually discharge me from the s.117 aftercare clause. This will basically mean I’m going straight to the source of the process. I […]

  • The strange stuff that has happened today.

    I have just got back so not had time to blog about that yet. It happened before I got up then I had to go out. I’m hoping that my cat, Mimi, comes in soon because it’s raining quite badly on and off with rumbling thunder in the distance. She normally comes in when I […]