Thanks a lot, now I can’t sleep.

I have been unable to sleep because I got really pissed off earlier. I need sleep because I’m always tired. If I don’t sleep now, I will end up falling into a deep sleep most of the day. I’m trying to get my finger to go down because it’s swollen up again. That has an 8 week healing time so it’s at the stage where the swelling goes up and down. It at least goes straight now, before it was bent and the injury wasn’t letting it go straight. I took an anti-inflammatory painkiller because that helps both my knee and finger injury. I’m using warm baths and iced food from the freezer to put on my knee and finger for a few minutes a day. That seems to have brought the swelling down a lot. I will be more comfortable after Monday because I have my appointment to get ingrown toenail’s out. I hope that they can get them out because I cut them away from edges and those edges have split from nail and started going in. This is why I insist that no one is touching them unless they freeze it first. It’s going to be painful.

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