You can quit with this narrative right now!

I just literally got accused of not pushing the system to get the right support and sitting there doing nothing. I would like that to stop right now. That narrative is disallowed after what I went through. I went everywhere to try to prevent my son’s adoption. I had to fight to even be allowed to have him. I was literally offered an abortion by the adult team. Then I found myself referred to be on a child protection plan. I had them fully against me becoming a mother from the time I announced I was pregnant. They point blankly refused to put in the services for me to be able to keep my son from going for adoption. I spoke up against inappropriate support before it got stopped and that got me made out to be a trouble maker. I even ended up in prison because I tried to make people listen at that time. That is hard when you’re really shy and lack confidence to actually physically speak. I got ignored and then left to fend for myself after probation ended. I am not allowing anyone to possibly say that I didn’t try hard enough. I worked day and night 24/7 to try to get the support and stop my son’s adoption. Do NOT infer that I am lazy and didn’t make an effort because you’ll make me angry seeing as I fought back hard but was ignored.

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