People still aren’t believing us.

It is starting to piss me off every time I see someone disbelieving parents that have been through forced adoptions. I just see them as trying to make an excuse for the systems cruelty against those that it sees as weak and undeserving. I will be enraged until we are finally listened to. I certainly do NOT have a victim mentality. I simply tell it as it is… and if people don’t start believing what happens it’s going to be told more brutally. I get distressed that people brush it off and start to say well there must be more to it. No there wasn’t. I had my past and labels used against me on top of trolls from online communities falsely reporting me constantly surrounding the time leading up to his birth and afterward. Stop invalidating our experiences just because you’ve been lucky enough for it to not have happened to you. That cuts very deep and we won’t get justice if that narrative continues. I’m not going to say anymore because I need to get back to sleep (insomnia caused by the trauma of that experience and other things that happened in my life).


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  1. I have been through care proceedings so I believe you. If I had never experienced the shocking and numerous lies told by a social worker intent on gaining huge (30K) profits for her employer, the local authority, via the forced adoption of my child I would probably have thought the same as everyone else – that social workers must know things others don’t. They don’t – they just lie lie lie. The reason they were involved – domestic abuse. I tried to protect my child by escaping but even historic DV is enough to get the social workers excited about the chance to take yet another much loved child. Adopters need to look into this but they don’t because they just want a kid and the truth would hurt their saviour illusions.

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