I don’t let anyone disrespect me now.

I have put up with people treating me badly for being ‘weird’ or ‘creepy’ my entire life. I’m only in those categories if you don’t make an effort to get to know me. I am quiet. That doesn’t equal any of those negative things above. I communicated in written form due to autism most of my life. That doesn’t make me weird or creepy. Those are the perceptions that others have and they are the ones that need to work on how they judge others. I will continue to call out the various comments which invalidate my experiences as a vulnerable adult in regard to my son being forcibly adopted etc. Those comments may seem innocent and non offensive to others making them. However, these comments are like you’re disbelieving us who had their child snatched and placed for adoption by the system; that causes us emotional distress. That doesn’t mean I’m a snowflake. I have been through more than most people would be able to take in their life. I emotionally flipped out a lot when I was younger (which got me into trouble on many occasions) but maturity has made me a leader for pushing the system to change and adapt to the needs of those that use it. The system has been unfit for purpose for many years. They simply do not have appropriate services for people who have autism, especially fully grown adults who have aged out of the child and young peoples system. It is common for adults with autism to only get services until 25 but they definitely get them taken away by the age of 30. Most of these services are not helping individuals who are autistic but charge councils astronomical fees per year to provide support as a charity (charities don’t work like that… say it as you are… business making money but not providing appropriate support and understanding).

I got a random text saying hi on my phone last night quite late (about 1 am). I texted them back asking them whether I knew them. I never got anything back. That is the second random text/call I’ve had in weeks. The last one was from a few weeks ago when I got a FaceTime on my missed calls list. If someone or more than one person wants to talk to me please just do it. I would at least want to know who is ringing and texting my number. I’m not scary… just go for it. Text me but don’t FaceTime or call me because I don’t do that.

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