Early night attempted. May have slept too early.

I was that tired by 8pm this evening so I literally thought screw this and got ready for bed. I got woken up by my cats at half 11. I got up to go the toilet accidentally waking myself up again. I’m sure that I will get back soon but right now I’m still awake. The cats have gone back outside now after waking me up. I don’t mind if they wake me for a reason but there didn’t seem to be one. I got up earlier today due to getting eyebrows done and then I went for a walk while over in that town. I only had 4 hours ish sleep last night. I probably didn’t get that much together. I woke up during the night for a few hours. I’m so glad to have a comfortable mattress again. The spring malfunction in the last one was like sleeping on bricks just before replacing it. I haven’t had backache since I put my new one on the bed.

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