Day: September 2, 2022

  • You can quit with this narrative right now!

    I just literally got accused of not pushing the system to get the right support and sitting there doing nothing. I would like that to stop right now. That narrative is disallowed after what I went through. I went everywhere to try to prevent my son’s adoption. I had to fight to even be allowed […]

  • I don’t let anyone disrespect me now.

    I have put up with people treating me badly for being ‘weird’ or ‘creepy’ my entire life. I’m only in those categories if you don’t make an effort to get to know me. I am quiet. That doesn’t equal any of those negative things above. I communicated in written form due to autism most of […]

  • People still aren’t believing us.

    It is starting to piss me off every time I see someone disbelieving parents that have been through forced adoptions. I just see them as trying to make an excuse for the systems cruelty against those that it sees as weak and undeserving. I will be enraged until we are finally listened to. I certainly […]

  • Early night attempted. May have slept too early.

    I was that tired by 8pm this evening so I literally thought screw this and got ready for bed. I got woken up by my cats at half 11. I got up to go the toilet accidentally waking myself up again. I’m sure that I will get back soon but right now I’m still awake. […]