Unravelling things… information has made its way to me … late as usual.

I got a letter from the social worker that I assume has been assigned my case for the section 117 aftercare discharge issue (lucky them, this is going to be a challenging part of their career). She has apparently been trying to call me and my mother. She won’t get anywhere ringing my mum because she barely picks up the phone if she don’t recognise the number nowadays. I looked at my call list and the only one that is a number with that std code where they’re based is from 8th August 2022 at 11am in the morning. They normally come through withheld. If they only made a single call then that explains why she couldn’t get hold of me. I would have got back to her sooner if she had left a voicemail. I emailed the email that was on the letter to explain that none of us seemed to have received her call and that the meeting to discuss this issue isn’t convenient in Market Harborough. I know for a fact that they literally will get expenses to travel over here (other side of county) because all the teams work for the same council. I don’t even know that part of Leicester. I got put under the rehab team which is based over there. This is what the system does when it tries to centralise and categorise. I’m not even in the same locality as the team my name has been left under. We need to get passed the discussion with the social worker part. This is what we got to the last time. I was given a list of generic services because the council wouldn’t commission anything from the aftercare payments due to previous support failing when I had the guts to tell them they weren’t helping. The next stage is going in front of a psychiatrist who can sign me off of the section for good. That was meant to happen in late 2018 but no one arranged it. I have done my penance now and changed as a person so this bullshit finally ends now! I won’t leave the issue until I am technically free. I will even put together a civil case against the council which will certainly go against them as legally they shouldn’t leave disabled people without support. Sometimes places need serving with legal papers to get them to move on outstanding issues.

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