Month: September 2022

  • Some days are just too much.

    I finally got the cat into the vet after several times of trying to ring them for many hours. I had to drop everything at home and get him there within half an hour when they did say he should see someone. The mess at my home is beyond a huge task now. The vet […]

  • Schedule kind of gone off today / views on panorama program Wednesday night.

    I have been kind of busier than planned today. I had to go replace my bedding because mister peed on it. I have to take mister to the vets if they will accept him on an emergency basis (PDSA hospital in our locality is currently in that status). I’m told that they class potential UTI’s […]

  • I may have lost my best friend.

    I got extremely pissed off with my cat and subsequently ended up chasing him a round the flat and threw him out of the window (ground floor so not a huge drop). This is due to the fact he peed on my bed. I had to go out to get a new duvet because it’s […]

  • I’ve never felt like a proper person.

    This is a really random post and I’m going to have to be quite quick typing tonight’s entry because I can’t sleep much tomorrow because I need to sort out my cats vet visit. I have been through so many things that has invalidated me which has resulted in me not feeling like a proper […]

  • Comfort zone out of range consists of sharp swords of anxiety.

    I have been told several times about the fact that if I stepped out of my comfort zone I could have my name out there in a major way within a few years. I want the blog to get more popular but I’m petrified of video chat and phone calls for interviews with media outlets […]