Month: August 2022

  • Some things aren’t that straight forward for vulnerable adults … let me explain.

    There’s the logical attitude that if someone loses a child to adoption then it’s simple… all they have to do is try again. That may seem simple when it comes to being a non-disabled person but involves much more challenges / issues. I am also not the same person after all the trauma of my […]

  • I just plain don’t like it. BPD is a result of the behaviour of others.

    I am going to say exactly what I probably have never been so direct about. This is because it’s the right time. BPD is basically a condition that was given to me by how I was treated for my autism. I ended up sensitive to rejection because I was always the one left out. I […]

  • Anyone else feel this?

    I can’t be the only one to feel this shift in energy when I woke up this morning. The whole of time seems different. I cannot explain it but it feels so off. I am not fully awake yet. I had a really bad night. I literally only fell asleep for one hour then couldn’t […]