Introducing myself back to the gym.

I went the gym tonight because my weight has sprung back up and if I don’t make an effort to take it down I will feel like I willingly let it slip. I need to go back into this at a slow pace because my leg is being temperamental still. I also jarred my finger moving the old mattress to my space room (cats room now). I did a lot less on the weight machines tonight and took down the resistance on the cardio machines. Depending on how I feel tomorrow is whether I start going the gym properly again. I need to work back up to what I was doing before injury otherwise I will get injured again. Also, the lack of exercise (apart from a few long walks) is making my hair dry again. That is what happens when I don’t move enough. It isn’t just a little dry which can be fixed with a few hair masks for either protein or conditioning. I know that I should look at the bigger picture. I was 84 kg when I started the gym last September exactly s year ago. I am now 78 kg (77 ish when I am not near monthly). It is at least a 7 kg loss from tomorrow. I feel like I could have done better if I had stopped drinking alcohol every single night at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I only drink at weekends now and limit myself to two little bottles on a normal occasion one single night. I overdid it last week and the scale really has confronted me about that. I don’t know if it is that or monthly approaching but it’s making me feel bad every time I stand on it now. I nearly shot up to 79kg after my dinner tonight. I think I needed the toilet though which I have done so I should be lighter later. I would also cut down on things like wkd blue etc because I found out recently that it contains estrogen. That isn’t good if you’re a woman with that hormone floating about already due to monthly approaching etc. That explains why I used to spot before I came on for 3 days before my monthly when I was drinking these things on a daily basis. That is what happens when your hormones get disrupted. I do have other bad things that I drink on a daily basis but I limited those things and have water / tea in between. There has to be a reason why the creator of Pepsi doesn’t let his own family drink it. There are probably hormones in many foods that we eat if we really had a dig around.

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