I’m fed up of my weight issues.

I feel absolutely hideous. My weight has gone up from 78.0 – 78.3 kg at the end of the day to 78.6 kg at the end of the day. That is a huge spike from 77.5kg when I wake up. I feel too big. I need to take some drastic action to make my weight go down quicker and more consistently. I don’t know if this is just hormones kicking off due to being on the run up to my monthly. Or I have done too much exercise and my body is inflamed again. It may be hormones because my hair looks so dull and dry right now. I have to weigh every day. I need to keep track of it to push it down by either diet or exercise if it does a spike like today. I have slightly increased my overall percentage of calories due to alcohol consumption during the weekend so now after I have finally slept (tried to sleep earlier but I didn’t manage to stay asleep) I need to drop calories down again. I can’t go for a walk tomorrow due to knee swelling up again. That needs to go down before I can exercise again.

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