Still stuck on the section 117 aftercare with no support.

Those of you who regularly read the blog will know that a while back I contacted the council regarding the withdrawal of the section 117 aftercare clause seeing as I haven’t been provided with actual support since 2017 ish. I didn’t really expect a reply but I didn’t end up getting one anyway. So now I have to take it further, get MP involved and all that crap which is something I just don’t need. I shouldn’t have to fight for freedom from a clause that was slapped on me as a teen/during my 20s. This isn’t fair whatsoever. I wasn’t given time to grow up, make mistakes etc. I got labelled from school and punished for being young and naive. Others got to grow up out of the system and not have their lives ruined by all the shitty rules and regulations. I will never be able to be free enough to move on if they don’t take me off the clause. It’s not just what I want. The law requires the council to either provide support or have a meeting discharging me from the clause. If the council are getting funded to keep me on there then the fact that they aren’t spending it on my support then the money isn’t appropriately being used. On the last occasion that I saw my direct support fund they were getting over £15000 to provide me with support. Imagine the amount of profit they’ve made over the last 6 years from that money pot. I have had to struggle all that time with my disability. I don’t mind continuing to do so as long as that clause is taken off. I won’t be able to get rid of my past properly without it. I want more children but I’m too scared to have them while still on that clause. I’m nearly 35. The time for that is running out for me. I have no time to be stuck on it in limbo. I am getting no where because I am being blatantly ignored. I know that I wrote to the right department. This is where desperation behaviour materialises in people who have autism, mental illness etc. They try to go through official channels but get no where. Then the police do them for crimes when they are reaching out to others begging for people to listen. I’m fed up of this crap and I’m too tired because mentally this kind of life leaves you exhausted.

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