Neglect as an adult still hurts.

I should be able to stand on my own two feet and not care where I feel lack in my life. The child within me still didn’t get what they needed growing up. I worked it all out as I got older. I went to look for certain things in other people due to emotional neglect. I’m still neglected as an adult. I may get fed once a week and have help with my flat clear ups ever so often. I’m still emotionally neglected and have to do most things on my own. I feel the hole that this type of neglect has left me in. I just wanted to not be neglected in that area but got negatively labelled for it. I can’t change it and I am not allowed to explain it on here because I been told I am not allowed to talk. I also can’t talk or I may not inherit what has been promised to me after other peoples death. I stay in bed a lot during the day and my mother is always telling me that I shouldn’t. I hate my reality and she is half to blame for that. She won’t take responsibility for that though. If I want to sleep away my reality that is my break from all that crap. I’m tired due to what I have to put up with in reality. There is nothing wrong with me. It is the mental effects neglect has on me even as an adult.

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