The morning after is really setting in.

I woke up sweating this morning after about two hours sleep. I have the random cat in here that keeps popping in. His antics must have woken me up because he was scraping around the boxes the cats have to play with in the other room. I got up to stop him using their litter tray and felt so sick. It passed but my legs are still a bit wobbly. I had a drink of water which will probably help if I go back to sleep. The cat seems to be bored so he will go out too. I took up the food bowls. He will be less attracted to being in here then. Mister is awake making noises at him. I dropped my phone on my foot which seemed to hurt much more than when I’m not hungover. 30’s hangovers seem to be much more brutal that 20’s hangovers. I used to be able to abuse painkillers and go out drinking barely feeling any after effects. Now, one session of light drinking in comparison to what I did as a 20 something hits me like a ton of bricks the next day. I don’t want to ever drink alcohol again right now. The kickback is worse when you’ve cut right down for a while. I don’t know if I reinjured my knee by accident because it hurts this morning or my nerves are just feeling delicate due to hangover. I can feel the pulling in the muscle again. I did drop my phone on the foot on that side. Everything feels way too close so I’m going to sleep it off.

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