Permanently exhausted.

I have tried to get back to sleep but mister and the cat that keeps strolling in kept making noises at each other and scrapping. I don’t want to have to do it but the cat that keeps coming in is getting skinner and skinner. He obviously has not got a proper home and is being neglected. If something happened at his home two or three weeks ago when he first appeared and now he’s starting to look neglected, obviously he’s no longer getting looked after for whatever reason. I refused to feed him today because he’s upsetting my cats and marking the litter tray every time he comes in. I don’t think his owner would neglect him on purpose. He may have died or something. In which case, those at the front of the block need to check on their neighbours before smells start happening. The cat is stressed out and trying to tell us something. I’m not familiar with that block on the front of our flats. Those that live over there must know each other. I can get the cat removed but I don’t want to do that if his owner is still alive. The cat is part of his family. The cat seems more desperate and skinnier by the day. The situation cannot stay this way long term. I have my own cats to consider here. I also have my own issues. I’m permanently exhausted. I find it hard to function on a daily basis without taking on extra stuff. I need sleep to recover today. I have not been able to get it after that cat strolled in at half 8 this morning. He stayed here for hours and wouldn’t leave. He caused trouble with mister and was being really unsettled. I tried my best with him but I can’t help him any further. I’m too exhausted to do anything even for myself right now.

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