Late night tonight… kind of normal but the repeating numbers thing is happening again!

I am still awake because the neighbours cat decided to stroll in again. He keeps pooping in my cats litter tray. I only cleaned it earlier. He keeps scrapping around for food but he doesn’t seem to like what I’ve offered him (the stuff my cats eat). I’m not happy with him strolling in to use the litter tray. I don’t know if he has anything that my cats can catch. It was ok when he was having the odd wee in it but poop can carry diseases. I’m also getting my cats behave differently so they must be feeling bullied by him trying to slowly move in. He definitely won’t be moving in. He is welcome to drop by, but I can’t afford to take him in. He’s a sweet cat, with a bit of an attitude (that’s a black cat thing) who is obviously coming in for a reason. I’m sure his owner isn’t neglecting him but I think he is quite elderly so the cat maybe sensing changes at home. If anything happened to the other one who used to live there he’s probably feeling lonely as the only cat. I got my cats as a pair. They’ve been together their whole life. They do miss each other. He might want to join my cats because they like to group together. It doesn’t seem to be that successful for him at the moment but he is trying to get them to accept him. Mister keeps trying to scrap with him sometimes. They’re both tom cats… that is one of those things.

I had to wait for my mattress to expand before I could take the other one off and put the bed together. I had to leave it at least 6 hours to fully expand after being sent in the vacuum pack. It is so much more comfortable. I got a memory foam pillow with it too so I’m very comfortable tonight. I haven’t taken the other mattress out of the bedroom yet because it was too heavy. I need sleep first to get the energy to lift it.

The repeated numbers are also getting more and more again. A few weeks ago, it started building up. Each time I looked at the clock it would be something like 1717 multiple times. 2222 multiple times. 1919 multiple times (I just don’t like that number). Those were the main numbers. Anyway, today it ramped up to a whole new level. When I got back home from my long walk, the calories burnt was 888. The total of my shopping came to £7.77 …. The chances of both those things and the numbers like 2222 coming up on the clock when I checked it are rare. I always get a bit scared in case it means something bad is about to happen. I saw them on the clock during bad times of my life. People try to say they are positive signs but it still scares me.

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