I let go of my anger and resentment reluctantly at first.

Those of you that regularly read my blog may remember up until a few months ago I was still angry at A and really held onto the resentment saying she deserved all the awful luck possible. Recently, I have made myself let go of that because nothing can move forward to being at peace it was hard at first because her name was even a red rag to me. I eventually got through it. I have no anger or resentment toward her now. I would like to put the past behind us. I no longer wish for revenge. I did want karma to bite her in the backside for years. I don’t want that any longer. It’s a huge step that I thought I would never be able to take. I got there somehow but at first I really had to fight the stagnant hatred around everything that had happened. I’m ready to talk when they’re ready. The past needs discussing because I’m sure there was a lot of things kept from each of us by all those that surrounded us. We all need to pull together now due to the cost-of-living crisis etc. if we stay divided the issues don’t get sorted.

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