I couldn’t sleep again the entire night. I came across the 0010110 thing on a few videos. In all honesty, I was completely freaked out by the man in the red coat thing. I live on my own so the thought of a man in red turning up to my home is utterly terrifying. The rest of the videos were on about exiting the matrix etc. I don’t get freaked out that easily. I’ve been seeing repeated numbers for a long time. I do believe some of the spiritual stuff. If escaping the matrix involves getting away from reality as it has been. I’m completely up for that. I can’t be the only one thinking constantly about the whole university situation at the moment. The other person involved is probably thinking of all that stuff too. Sometimes it’s mirrored on both sides. I would love to step out of the matrix if that meant fixing things with them and putting the past to rest. So why not 0010110… let’s try it. If it erases the negative view of me from the other person than I’m down for it. I want another chance to make a first impression. The restraining order was ‘part of the matrix’. I don’t really expect to ever see A again but I’m giving it a chance to prove that this date and code has some kind of power. I’m terrified but also intrigued at the same time. That is how I always was when it came to A as well. Instead of the man in a red coat. I would still be just as scared if she turned up at my door. The other half of me wants to see her again just so that I can have closure and no longer be kept awake at night. That is what I need. I would also feel better about myself if I knew for sure she didn’t hate me. I don’t mind if she thinks I’m weird. I am, but the horrible things she said about me to others which I saw still hurts me a lot.

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