This has to stop. It is totally wrong.

I saw a video on TikTok from a mother who had been falsely reported for neglecting her children when she hadn’t done anything wrong. This kind of thing led to Jonny being sent for adoption in my case. I was only put on a pre-birth child protection plan because of nasty trolls who seemed to have nothing better to do than accuse me of being neglectful even before he was born. That led to all the pressure I was put under. I wasn’t provided with help because online people kept falsely reporting me. They even said my mother was certain things but hadn’t even met her. They attacked everything to get my son taken away. This was in the early days of social media. I’m sure it’s a lot worse now because so many more people have it as their every day lives. As far as I’m concerned those trolls that attacked me online are 99% responsible for Jonny being adopted. I was 1% responsible because I was inexperienced and couldn’t do anything about my circumstances. That wasn’t the worse thing they did to me. I had a small job which involved tarot reading for a while (we were paid peanuts for sitting on free chat for hours that’s if we got privates at all in a day). I had the same people (well, I presume they were) come making horrible comments in my free chat area. I don’t remember every single comment now but one was saying Jonny was happy with new parents and the person was going to see him later. The comments were tormenting me in many ways. This was literally just after he got adopted in 2014. I reported them to the police. There was nothing that they could do because whoever kept popping up was bouncing their ip from Mexico. It definitely was a fake IP address. I got done when it came to the university situation for getting upset and lashing out at how I was treated during that time but these people got away with the stuff they said to me and how they maliciously continued to torment me online. I left my tarot reading position because of the pay being crap as the site was taking a higher percentage of our earnings more and more but also the trolls. I blocked a few commenters on the blog and eventually it stopped but this didn’t actually cease until at least 2016. We can’t get these trolls held to account but I can get done and punished for my autism. It is so wrong.

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