I managed to sleep and do everything.

I got woken up several times by that cat which comes into mine all the times. He finally strolled off. I went for a walk and forgot my headphone pod so hoping they don’t malfunction again as I won’t be able to reset them. I fed the cats (who had also fallen asleep with me for a few hours). Once the other cat had strolled back home it was quiet. I managed to get the dormeo mattress out of the box. It was so heavy due to the vacuum pack it came in. Anyway, the gym sessions paid off. I moved it on my own even though it was a bit of a struggle. It is now on my bed to rise from its vacuum-packed state. I still have muscles even though I can’t go the gym at the moment. I moved the oven out effortlessly a few days ago. Those types of things used to be really heavy for me. I may only be 5 ft 2 and built petite but I’m definitely not weak. I have always been on my own so no one can help me move stuff around. If I don’t do it then it doesn’t get done. I don’t think at this point I would feel right if that changed. I always get down about not being with someone but I literally walk off and do my own thing when I am with others. I’m just not used to not being alone. I hated it when I was younger but now I like my time where no one can see me or communicate with me etc. That is why I actively discourage people coming to my home. The same reason why I hate using the phone and FaceTime is just a no for me. The headphones have started to malfunction in exactly the same location as last night. It must be some kind of interference around here. That is exactly why I am against wireless technology because it clashes and causes issues. Whatever is around this part of my walk has stopped the balance in my ear pods being balanced for the last two days. I’m about to walk past a grave yard. I walk past it regularly. I don’t normally experience this with headphones. I have no means of resetting them so I hope they decide to work properly again on their own when I have walked away from that part. I would just like to put it out there that if anything is trying to get my attention from wherever I am not up to it right now. Please stop. I am fine and can look after myself. I will not be responsive to this annoying type of behaviour. I would also like to be able to sleep at night.

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