Ugh :( it’s been stressful today.

I didn’t have much sleep before having to get up. I couldn’t get to sleep until gone 6 am and then got woken up at half 9 by my alarm to get flat tidy and clean before this afternoon. Then my mum dropped in to ‘help’ but that was just stressful. I get told that I haven’t done anything when I’ve tried really hard to keep on top of things. It’s hard with my knee and finger being injured. The finger has swollen and the knee hurt by the time I managed to do stuff today. I’m sorry but I can’t do any better. It is difficult to function without support. I struggle every day. I was just left to practically fend for myself for many years now. I try to function but it isn’t easy. I have a sore stomach and really bloated today due to lack of sleep. I’m stressed. I will be going to bed after the person has been to inspect the flat.

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