Sorted a few things out.

I finally got my OU higher education certificate sorted out. I should get it in 6 weeks. I keep getting told that I have 6 years to complete the law degree but as I said you can’t even pay me to go back. It’s too hard for my brain. The person doing the flat inspection has been. I decided to go for a walk because I just got an email from the mattress place saying that it’s being delivered tomorrow. I will now be waiting in for it from 7am until 5pm. I’m definitely having an early night though and if I haven’t reset my sleep pattern after this there is something wrong. At least my brain will be too tired to think about past stuff to keep me awake. That doesn’t mean I can move on. The loose ends need tying up and both of us that was involved in a sea full of idiots and the system around us are fully aware of this. I’m too scared due to the past so they will have to make the first move. I will make it easy for them. I’m just too scared of ending up in prison if I make a hash of it.

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