Late night, early start… going to be difficult.

The flat was in quite a mess due to the last few weeks of being injured. I spent hours since I got up today tidying and cleaning because of the inspection tomorrow. It’s still not totally cleared up so I have to get up early tomorrow. I also put toner on my hair which looked quite ashy when it was wet. Thankfully it’s gone cool blond now it’s just about dry. I put it in a low bun for bed. It’s slightly damp but has leave in conditioner in so it should be ok like that until I get up in a few hours. I have my clothes all ready on the radiator so that’s something I don’t have to think about. The cats are acting weird. I don’t know why. They refuse to drink out their new water bowls and keep leaving their food which they’ve had before and ate it no problems. I don’t know if it’s due to the other cat constantly coming around. They like being picky but never this picky. They nag me for food and then won’t eat what I put down. I will offer them different things tomorrow. I am doing well with my weight loss. I got on the scales yesterday when I first woke up and my weight was 77.8kg. It’s steadily going down every four ish days. The calorie deficit thing is so hard at first until your stomach gets used to being hungry. Then it stops sending signals which helps not binge and ruin the whole thing.

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