Rudely awoken this morning.

The neighbours cat strolled in to use the litter tray and have something to eat from their bowls this morning. This caused my cats to growl at him. He keeps strolling in and out the window today. He normally gets bored so he goes off and is nosey somewhere else. I let him do what he wants unless he is making a mess or winding my cats up. I am trying to have a few more hours sleep. I need that because I didn’t sleep the whole night. I got a few hours this morning. I got a streaming nose after waking up. The stuff that was causing my migraine last night came out this morning. It has completely released all the pressure in my head. I am so glad because sometimes if that doesn’t happen I end up with a migraine for days. They make me feel sick and sometimes I literally have to be sick before I get better.

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