I’m fed up of trauma keeping me awake.

I’m awake again being affected by past trauma and it is driving me mad. I end up in tears. I get frustrated because I want my sleep pattern to be normal again. Unless I knocked myself out with sleeping tablets my brain won’t turn off. The GP no longer gives them out on prescription. I can’t fix what is bugging me. People think I’m weird and really crazy. They have no idea what it is like to be intuitive. Even after all these years have passed I’m still energetically connected to the soul of another that I barely knew and can’t talk to because things got so messed up. It has got really strong recently. I need peace from all that happened. I can’t fix it to get peace because I’m afraid that the other person involved will get me into trouble or will be extremely nasty to me calling me things I will never be able to forget. I am weird but I don’t deserve that kind of treatment. This isn’t the fact that I’ve come off my antidepressants. I felt the link spark up again months ago but my medication dulled that side of what some would refer to as gifts. I know that we were meant to meet and I totally destroyed the connection by doing what I cannot even remember due to my head being knee deep in trauma. I look back and all I see is them in the darkness like part of their whole energy field has stayed with me. I want to be free of that. It’s holding me down and stopping me from having confidence in life. I just want to know everything that I was never told. The whole truth or my mind can’t properly repair. They’ll just push me away, get me into trouble and be cruel to me again.

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