What if reality is supposed to have been that way?

I have the most random brain that will over think the most minor details. I’m not even under the influence of alcohol like most people when they go there. What if our reality was created by mistake? The outside influences came together wrongly and created something that shouldn’t have been. That is what I’m sure happened in the university situation. It was never meant to be the way it materialised. I believe that we were meant to meet. I am not weird, obsessive or anything. That is a misconception about most things I can naturally feel. I was always able to feel things. They accused me of being stuff I will never forget. We are meant to reconnect in the future despite the legalities that occurred. Yes, we will clash in many areas but there are many similarities too. I know that the first thing we clash on is the whole reconnect idea. I feel that they are in two minds as time goes on. We will never be friends but maybe we need to put the past to bed by a conversation. I’m not a scary person. That is what I want. I still feel their energy connected to me. That is why I have had to literally block all ties to them recently. That is what I was talking about when I said pretend others don’t exist. I know what I want but I’m not sure they’ll ever run with that idea. They know where to find me if they do wish to talk over the past. Our lives aren’t the same now. I have left the education system behind and she no longer works at the university. In this reality we may get on better.

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