Today has been random

I got woken up by the cat that keeps coming in. He used my litter tray and was sick several times in here. I got up to clear up the sick. I hadn’t slept well so I went back to bed afterwards. I need to do something about him because he came in looking really neglected and bits of him look like he has not got a home right now. He must have been going through things to find food because he had a plastic bit from one of those clear bags stuck on his claw. His owner just wouldn’t leave him that way. He was always very well cared for. He looked well kept when he first came in a few weeks ago. I’m worried that his owner may have died or something so he has come to find new people to stay with. Cats aren’t the most loyal beings. If he was used to being well cared for (he even looked like he used to get bathed and isn’t scared of water) after two weeks it would start to show. He was part of a pair but I haven’t seen his sister recently. She used to stroll around the garden with a pink collar on. They both looked extremely similar. The only other scenario is that something happened to his owner and for some reason he ended up left behind. I want to help him but I cannot take him in and if he needs a vet due to getting sick after the first few weeks of having no where to go then I can’t afford to deal with the financial side of that. I tried dropping into the RSPCA webchat earlier but there was no advisors available to report it. I am also in two minds about them taking ownership of the cat because they have a reputation for putting animals down and being a black cat he is more at risk of that if someone doesn’t adopt him. This cat will not cope as a street cat. He isn’t like Dave (the tabby that visits the whole neighbourhood). He was used to being well cared for by his owner. He won’t survive being dropped from that environment to being long term homeless. He obviously isn’t coping because he seems to have already got into something that made him sick. I have my home being inspected by the letting agent later this week. I now have patches of sick to get up on top of all other bits of cleaning to make it look decent. I have sprayed the carpet to get the enzymes to come up which is in cat sick and their pee. I just have to rub it with carpet cleaner. I had to sleep for a while because I hadn’t slept at all last night.

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