Do we know who our blog visitors are?

I have literally given the blog link to many people. Or celebrities people because once we make it big we have someone employed for correspondence (certainly will never be my reality). I wonder who actually takes any notice of promotion emails. I’m quite sure that no celebrity readers will drop by. I am literally not the popular kind. I never have been. That is why I am doubtful those promo emails didn’t hit a brick wall. I have had so many new visitors lately. That may be due to covering topics going on in the news. However, not all my stats are pointing to those referring others to other blog posts. I’m glad that I’m slowly getting more well known. I never even expected to be hitting a 100 visitors per day up until a few months ago. I’m so glad that it now seems to be going in the right direction. It takes a lot to stand out in a sea full of basically amateur writers. I threw everything else in the ring that made me unique. That meant talking about things from my past which weren’t pleasant but I felt needed to be out there to get change in the system. I thank every single one of you that has actually visited a link from a promotional email, followed me, liked and commented on entries. You make the trauma that I went through be turned into something positive which will improve the lives of others in the future.

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