It shouldn’t be this way.

I saw something online where a young woman was saying that she felt safer and more secure in prison than in the outside world. I have heard similar accounts from others when I was inside briefly for a month in 2018 due to the whole breaking the restraining order situation. There were many women who shouldn’t have been in there. The percentage of black, Asian people etc in comparison to Caucasian. There were also many from the care system (multiple backgrounds – having been fostered, adopted or just spent time in care during a percentage of their life). The prejudices within our society are quite obvious behind the prison walls. The point I’m trying to make is that the outside (our society) shouldn’t be that neglectful that comments are being made in regard to prison being better for a lot of vulnerable adults. I started making friends while I was inside after just a week. That isn’t something I’m able to do on the outside. Outside I have to live an isolated life. I have tried to make friends on the outside but it’s on quite a superficial level and those relationships don’t really last. I found the support inside more appropriate than what I got on the outside. I missed the cats so I would rather be on the outside. The boy that pushed the little boy off of that building in London a few years back (he was diagnosed with Asperger’s along with other mental health issues) said that he wanted to be sent to prison because he would at least get proper support there. Something horrendous had to happen to create that outcome. The little boy involved will never be the same and probably be in pain for life. That is due to the outside world being that neglectful and none of the system being fit for purpose.

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