Life from someone on the way up the hill to 40.

Those that know me will be aware that I am about to be 35 this year. I thought that this was the perfect time to do an entry about life as a woman approaching the run up to 40. If you’d have asked me in my twenties I would have said that 30 was a birthday I wasn’t looking forward to and I could never even imagine getting to mid 30s. These are the things I have learnt so far. Disney wrongly informed us that our Prince Charming would meet us when we grew up. That was so misleading. I had visions of being married when I grew up. Then I realised life was not just about all that stuff. Marriage really isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like others in your space (like myself) then you’re certainly going to find being married to another living in the same house a challenge. Then there is getting over stuff that has happened in the past. The only way I have managed to do this is somehow forget that those who did things to you no longer exist. They can exist but not in the bubble that you’ve created which is your life. That is what the block button is for on the internet. You’re lives permanently remain separated which is a good thing where someone hasn’t been decent toward you in the past. You may want to try to keep everyone you’ve came across on your journey in your life but that just isn’t possible in reality. Some people can’t come into the future with you. We all have different paths so lack of achievement in certain areas of life doesn’t mean you’re a complete failure. It can feel like that but if you have trauma related issues are holding you back then it’s not your fault that you didn’t make it to some of the goals by a certain age. There may not be someone for everyone. Some of us may be designed to be alone and this doesn’t make us failures.

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