In hindsight, the last post isn’t always how it is.

I was going on about forgetting people even exist from the past. That is harder to do than say. I can’t completely forget some people. I am finding it hard to forget someone from the past and a more recent acquaintance. I wish that they both didn’t exist for different reasons. The one from the past is really bugging me in my head recently. The things that they said about me had a negative impact on how I saw myself. That remains up until the present day. The way that they referred to me etc. The stuff that happened. I wish that all didn’t affect me now. Age doesn’t help with the ability to forget and wipe a person’s existence out of your mind. I can’t forget the things they called me or how they referred to me. They still cut deep today. The most recent one I’m not that hung up over. I deserved the reaction from them because I interfered with their life. I was trying to help but in the cold light of day it wasn’t a wise idea. In that case at least I did something to deserve how I got treated. The things that got said were accurate. That can’t be said for the past person. They made me out to be things I definitely weren’t.

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