An apology would help but I won’t get it.

The whole apology idea would set me free mentally from bits of my past. However, that is not something I will ever get from a person who referred to me as things like stalker etc. They think that their perceptions were correct so the likelihood of ever getting an apology from them is zero. They also aren’t the type to apologise because they never seem to think that they are wrong. They could set me free from the past but they continue to choose not to do so. I would love an apology and for them to say they know that they were wrong about me. That isn’t going to happen because they continue to believe their warped perception of me due to how everything unravelled at that time. They are probably quite comfortable with how the things they said about me to others still haunts me to this day and has taken away all the little confidence that I had previously. They’ve made no attempt to make it right with me after all this time. I don’t want to be friends but if they apologised and told me that they were wrong about me it would be helpful for me moving on mentally and no longer letting those things affect me.

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