The little things are the most annoying.

I can’t turn the volume of my ear pods since messing with the accessibility settings on my phone. That is really annoying me when walking past people because I normally turn my volume down to be polite when someone walks past me. I’m also a very private person when it comes to my every day life. I don’t want people being able to hear what I’m listening to. I even use headphones to listen to music at home. I was trying to make my phone easier to use with my injured finger so I didn’t strain it again or catch it funny. I should have not touched any other setting. I am now getting sound recognition notifications. It must be quite sensitive. It heard a cat at the other side of the road before it even crossed in front of me. The process of growing long hair is a sensory nightmare especially when it has leave in conditioner in (it got too dry on the ends so I had to put some in). It is mostly up but continues to catch on things which doesn’t help to not damage the ends. It knots itself together because of how thick it is and the amount of hair I have. I’m not cutting it… it is fine once it gets passed a certain length because it starts to weigh it down which stops it getting in the way. I can do a long walk again. I went further today. It’s going to ache but it wi be worse if I don’t move it. That will be the same for the fact that if I don’t start moving again I won’t continue to lose weight. I’m having to eat more to do more activity. I had a protein bar before I went out. I’m starting to feel better since I’ve been able to get out for at least a walk. I caught the random cat that keeps coming in having a poop in my cats litter tray when I woke up today. I need to go around to see if there is anything wrong at his home because he has never acted this way previously. Also, I received a FaceTime call earlier from a number I don’t recognise. Those of you that know me will know I don’t do phone calls, let alone video calls. Please send an email if it’s important.

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